Tikini Beach Bars Sand Sculpture Contests!

This is our Tikini Beach Bar's most unique contests that we hold once a month! People come from all over to enter these very entertaining sand sculpture contests that last most of the day, so kick back have a few Tikini Martini's and watch the show! Some sand sculptures are so very creative, our favorite sand sculpture is of three bikini girls carved out of sand, they actually put real thong bikinis on the girls made out of sand! At Tikini Beach Bar we have had topless girls and girls totally naked building these sand sculptures too!

Sand sculpture of a nude mermaid and a real girl in a tiny bikini laying beside it in the sand! Sand sculpture of a girl in a bikini.
Boys will be boys sand sculpture that was very creative. Sand sculptures of three topless bikini girls that have real bikini bottoms on them!

Sand castle with a totally naked girl with big tits laying in front of it!


Tikini Beach Bars Bikini Girls Sand Sculpture Contests!

We would like you to enjoy our Tikini Beach Bar's sand sculpture contests that are very interesting to say the least! Every month we hold this spectacular event though we reschedule the contest if it rains. Enjoy a few cold drinks and relax as you watch some great sand sculptures come to life! Here at the Tikini Beach Bar we give out incredible cash and prizes to the winners of the the most creative sand sculpture contests around! Tropical breezes, great drinks and free entertainment only at the Tikini Beach Bar!

Tikini Beach Bars Bikini Girls Sand Sculpture Contests!



Tikini Beach Bar Sand Sculpture Contests!