Tikini Beach Bar Girls Employment Information!

As we expand our Tikini Beach Bar Locations we always on the look out for hot girls that look great in micro or mini Tikini Bikinis! Below you will find out how to apply for a job at the most friendly Beach Bars around. Of course you must be hot, you must fit into and look great wearing very tiny mini bikinis, You must like wearing micro bikinis that get totally see through when they get wet, you must be secure with your body including being naked when serving customers on the clothing optional nude beaches. You MUST be friendly, flirtatious, out going and personable while talking with the customers, a pleasant smile goes a long way! Also it is a plus if you are a bisexual girl since most customers love to see hot girls kissing while working at a bar. Drinking with customers is a way of life for both the bartenders and waitresses so you can keep the party going at the Tikini Beach Bars!



Tikini Beach Bars Photo Requirements!

Tikini Beach Bar requires you to send us photos that include a close up pic of your face. Then you will need to wear a tiny macro or mini bikini and send us a front full length photo of your entire body, a full back view of your entire body, and a topless photo so we can clearly see your breasts and nipples. We prefer no tattoos (small ones are ok) or piercing as we like natural body's on our girls we hire at the Tikini Beach Bars. Right below is the perfect set of photos that were sent to us in her application so if you put together something close and you are the type of girl we are looking for you will get the attention of the Tikini Beach Bars hiring staff!

Asian girl in tiny bikini. Asian girl topless in tiny bikini at the beach! Asian girl topless in tiny bikini at the beach showes her perky tits and puffy nipples! Asian girl topless in tiny bikini on a beach chair tanning her titties!

She sent us very good photos in a tropical beach setting that showed us what she looked like in the bikini and she also showed us her perky breasts with her hard nipples showing. She also included her lounging on a beach chair so we have an idea just how good she would look working at our Tikini Beach Bar as one of our Hot Bikini Girls and she always has a nice smile and you can see how comfortable she is with her toned body, that is what we look for!

Asian girl topless in tiny bikini on her knees showing off her breasts at the beach! Asian girl naked arching her back to show off her firm breasts at the beach! Asian girl naked and her long hair can't hide her perfect tits and hard nipples! Asian girl naked her long hair blowing in the breeze caressing her nipples making them hard!

More excellent photos of her very beautiful smile, she is so pleasant to look at in her facial close up photo, she has totally gorgeous long black hair and longer hair is a big plus with us, you can tell she is proud of her perky tits and carries her self well with confidence.

Asian girl naked exposing her tight ass and big tits on a beach chair! Asian girl naked lounging on a beach chair with nice puffy nipples and beautiful breasts!

In these photos you can see she showed us how nice both her tits and ass looks in bikini bottoms and you can tell that nudity doesn't bother her. This sexy and well rounded bikini girl is very erotic looking, she will fit in well with our Polynesian style Tikini Beach Bar's!


Tikini Beach Bar Photo Requirements Of What Not To Send Us!

Big tits on hot Asian girl in tiny yellow bikini. Big tits on hot topless Asian girl in tiny yellow bikini. We do not want to see your professional photos that are touched up or air brushed at all, we want to see natural beauty come out in you. So if you are a model please send us normal photos like you saw above and let your smile and body speak for you. Also, please do not wear sun glasses in the close up you send us of your face, we want to see your beautiful eyes! We want to know you will look good in your tiny bikini uniforms as bartenders and waitresses! Naked Asian girl wearing sunglasses.

The Other Tikini Beach Bar Requirements

During your first contact by email send the photos, we will need to know your age, the country you were born, the position you are applying for, what work experience you have in the bar industry, experience is not necessary but a willingness to learn is. We will need your measurements, weight and height and the most import thing is which exciting Tikini Beach Bar location you want to work at. We are looking for bikini girls for manager bartenders, bartender, head waitress, waitresses, equipment manager, and event coordinator.


You can email us at TikiniBeachBar  @  aol.com

Tikini Beach Bar Bikini Girls Employment Information!





Tikini Beach Bar Bikini Girls Employment Information!